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50% of motorists over-50 don’t do minor motor maintenance

Fewer motorists over 50 performing minor motoring maintenance

Motorists used to work their way through list of minor maintenance tasks.

The number of motorists aged over 50 who are willing to perform minor motor maintenance tasks has fallen bypractically 50% according to a survey by Saga of thousands of its customers.  This is surprising given the increase in the costs of car ownership, not least the price of fuel – petrol and diesel – but it may be that the increasing use of technology in car engines is fuelling this behaviour. Visit for more on this item.

Minor weekly maintenance tasks used to involve checking fluid levels – oil, water, brake, steering, washer bottle – condition of windscreen wipers, tyre pressures and bulbs. And from there we might progress to changing filters and fan belts etc. Happy, halcyon days?