The misfuelling prevention device

And the best British car is ….

Readers of a respected motoring magazine voted recently on what they considered to be the greatest British car. The E-type Jaguar and Land Rover were beaten by the Mini designed in the 1960s.  Among other cars, a mix of petrol and diesel models and marques,to feature in the readers’ top ten were the Caterham 7, the London Taxi, the Morris Minor and the McLaren F1.

The poll was fuelled by news that car production  is expected to reach 2 million units in 2015. Visit for more details.

We wonder whether there may be a poll out there that is broken down into two categories, petrol and diesel cars? Whatever the answer, we’re fairly sure that motorists wouldn’t want their car to feature in a poll of motors that have petrol in diesel cars – cars that have been misfuelled.