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Best of British

The British are globally renowned for their creativity, invention and the occasional piece of pure genius. Over the centuries, key inventors have become world-famous, with some adorning our currency and street names.

It goes without saying, of course, that for every global star there are a few hundred inventors making a real difference in their own way, on a slightly smaller scale. A number of these clever, dedicated engineers and entrepreneurs often come from a family tradition of innovation and invention, the skills, passion and vision being passed down the generations.

Lee Steadman, the inventor of Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device designed to stop the pumping of petrol in diesel vehicles, is one such innovator and engineer, coming from a British family whose members have done great things, generation after generation.


Lee Steadman, inventor of the Diesel Head

Lee Steadman has worked around the world, following in his father’s footsteps, with spells in Canada, the USA and South Africa, interspersed with periods back home in Britain.

An experienced woodworker and welder by the age of ten, there was never a doubt that Lee would be more than just a little “handy”.

Lee Steadman

Lee Steadman, the inventor of Diesel Head

Lee finished his education in Leamington Spa, home of the world renowned Automotive Products Group. His corporate life began with General Foods, where he rose quickly to the position of senior production engineer.

One of Lee’s favourite projects at the time was a reproduction version of the Jaguar SS100, which he developed with his father. Prices for this classic car range from hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds, and a good reproduction at the right price always attracts good levels of interest. This project was no exception and was followed by Lee’s contribution to the famous Steadman “Bath-Knight” bath lift.

Lee then branched out on his own, quickly achieving commercial success with a revolutionary golf practice machine that used real golf balls and required a mere 15 feet of land to install (see the Lee Steadman Interview). Concepts and products followed, including a trolley that was designed while working in Florida to ease the task of “taking out the trash”, as the American market would say.

Returning to the UK in 1999, Lee rejoined the family business as Director of Production at Silver Cross. He and his sister Annette soon set up a mobility company to develop products that would compliment the Bath Knight product.

The latest striking innovation to roll off the Steadman production line is the Diesel Head – a brand new, complex yet easy-to-use device that will make the misfuelling of diesel cars – say “no” to petrol in diesel – a thing of the past!

Read more about Lee in this unique interview carried out on the launch of this website.

Bill Steadman

Bill Steadman


Bill Steadman

Where does one start? Maybe it’s easier to list the things that Bill Steadman has not invented! Seriously though, palleting systems; house-building systems; disability systems; container transport systems and a host of other products and systems too numerous to mention are the result of his genius. It may not surprise you that, at 82, Bill is still active and working every day and always keeping a watchful eye on what “the children” are up to!


Annette Greenwood (nee Steadman)

Keeping with the Steadman tradition, it is no surprise that Annette Greenwood is a highly successful businesswoman specialising in devices for creating improved independence for the elderly.

Annette Greenwood

Annette Greenwood

The Managing Director of Bath-Knight, for more than 21 years Annette has promoted and sold her Father’s invention, the “Bath-Knight” – a powered access system for assisting people into and out of a standard bath – from its beginnings in (location, e.g. facility in Leamington) to right across Europe. Today, it is a recognised market leader in its sector and has enhanced the lives of thousands of people who would otherwise have struggled to get in and out of the bath. In addition, Annette has introduced a wide variety of mobility products and expanded the Bath-Knight business which, started by her Father, has always been based on strong family roots and now involves her own children.