The misfuelling prevention device

D for Diesel Head, the Misfuel Device – no petrol in diesel

We motorists visit fuel stations and pump diesel or petrol into our vehicles with the objective of travelling from A to B. Around 150,000 motorists a year get this wrong and misfuel – pump petrol in diesel vehicles’ tanks – and so delay their travels or abandon the trips.

Diesel Head misfuel device stops motorist error of petrol in diesel vehicle tanks

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device

A leading motoring publication has gone way beyond B and come up with an A to Z of technology to be found in our cars which makes for a riveting read.

While the well-engineered Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device does not appear under D in this list, the publication has reviewed it in a previous edition is worth a look.

It may also be worth taking a look at which marques and diesel models the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device fits so as to be sure of never running the risk of pumping petrol in diesel vehicle’s fuel tank.