The misfuelling prevention device

Diesel Head introduces new Mercedes Benz kit

The Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device is designed to stop motorists with diesel vehicles confusing the petrol and diesel nozzles at the fuel station and mistakenly pumping petrol in diesel tanks. The ‘fit and forget’ product, however, proved challenging to fit to the fuel inlet pipe of Mercedes Benz vehicles, so inventor Lee Steadman has now developed a fixing kit which answers the problem.

“Our original fixing kit had an Allen key and 3 grub screws, which was appropriate for most vehicle marques,” explains Lee. “However, we received feedback from some Mercedes Benz owners who found there was insufficient space behind the fuel flap to easily gain purchase with the Allen key, tighten the final grub screw and so fix the Diesel Head device to the fuel inlet pipe.

Diesel Head with Mercedes and original fixing kits

Diesel Head with Mercedes and original fixing kits

“This was an engineering problem that I was determined to solve. I took the dimensions of the area around the fuel inlet pipes of a number of Mercedes Benz models.

“Having studied the data I came up with the concept of a small spanner and 3 hexagonal head bolts. I field-tested prototypes and subsequently engineered a ‘spanner-and-bolts’ fixing kit that readily secures the Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device to the Mercedes’ models identified on our website.”

The problem of misfuels and misfuelling has been with us for years. The growing popularity of diesel cars and the fact that more households these days tend to have both a petrol and a diesel vehicle, however, means that the potential for misfuels is on the increase. A petrol pump nozzle is smaller in diameter than a diesel fuel nozzle and this is central to the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device solution. The opening to a fuel tank fitted with a Diesel Head needs a ‘diesel’ diameter nozzle to activate the aperture opening and let the nozzle in – as a result the smaller petrol nozzle cannot open the Diesel Head and so the car is protected against misfuelling.

“The fixing kit has been supplied, of course, to those Mercedes Benz owners who had bought Diesel Head devices with the earlier kit and who alerted us to their concern,” concludes Lee. “Judging from feedback, the new kit has clearly allowed them to more easily fix the Diesel Head to their Mercedes Benz models and enjoy driving protected from the spectre of misfuelling.”