The misfuelling prevention device

Diesel Head – Motorists, Lock up your Valuables

The price of fuel – petrol and diesel – has reached record highs in recent days, with some motorists highlighting that their monthly fuel bills are now higher than their mortgage payments. It’s little wonder that Diesel Head has seen an increase in enquiries concerning its locking misfuel prevention devices. “Misfuelling or mistakenly pumping petrol into a diesel vehicle can be a costly mistake,” says Ian Kelly, Diesel Head managing director.

“It’s not only the financial cost of the fuel, but also the consequence of being unable to complete the journey that prompted the visit to the fuel station. This could range from not being able to attend a business meeting to being late for picking up your child from school.”

Diesel drivers looking to avoid these pitfalls are fitting Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Devices to their cars. British inventor Lee Steadman developed the Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device. A petrol nozzle is smaller in diameter than a diesel fuel nozzle. The opening to a fuel tank fitted with a Diesel Head needs a ‘diesel’ diameter nozzle to activate the device and allow access to the tank. As a result the narrower diameter petrol nozzle cannot open the Diesel Head and so the car is protected from misfuel.

Ian adds: “A tank of diesel can now easily cost over £100 and that’s more than some computer monitors, LED televisions, jewellery or other valuable objects. People lock these items safely away and are looking to do the same with their fuel. Some cars don’t have locking fuel flaps or the motorists worry the flaps are not strong enough and so they are considering the lockable Diesel Head to prevent thieves siphoning fuel from the tank.”

The Diesel Head, constructed from cast metal, is available via for £39.99 + P&P and the lockable version for £44.99 + P&P. Anyone seeking further information should visit or phone Ian Kelly of Diesel Head on 01527585838.