The misfuelling prevention device

Device prevents misfuelling misery

Don't pump petrol into a diesel vehicle's tank.

Don’t pump petrol into a diesel vehicle’s tank.

Misfuelling continues to plague motorists. Male drivers are seemingly more likely not only to misfuel – pump petrol in diesel vehicles’ fuel tanks – than female motorists, but they are also likely to do it more than once.

A survey by a well-known motoring organisation revealed these findings and extrapolated the results to suggest that the misfuelling mistake was made last year by around 130,000 drivers in the UK.  The unfortunate motorists were faced with an average cost of £250 per misfuel.

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

The inventor of the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device – Lee Steadman – believes that misfuelling arises from motorists being distracted or under pressure to the point that they do not realise that they have wrongly selected the petrol pump at the fuel station rather than the diesel.  The outcome of pumping petrol in diesel vehicles’ tanks not only includes the cost of flushing petrol out of the diesel tank and then buying the correct fuel, but also can include the inconvenience and delay to the intended journey and also the potential expense of repairs to the vehicle if it has been started and driven.  The solution is to fit a misfuel prevention device.

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