The misfuelling prevention device

Don’t join the 150,000 plus motorists who misfuel each year

Read this news about number of Americans who “have been absentmindedly filling their tanks with gasoline out of habit, and ruining their engines (which is not, by the way, covered under warranty)”, when they should have filled up with diesel.  Misfuelling

The author of this piece and any owners of the vehicle referred to should not berate themselves too much.  After all, the author points out that motorists in America have been filling up with “nothing but gasoline” (petrol in GB) for tens of years.

Here in Britain, we are more familiar with diesel as a fuel for cars but it is still all too easy for drivers to pump petrol in diesel vehicles’ fuel tanks, especially if they are distracted or are unfamiliar with the car, e.g. it is a hire car or new to a fleet.   The team here at Diesel Head has often quoted the figure of 150,000 misfuelling incidents per annum but became aware that another source thinks that the number of unfortunate motorists may be nearer 300,000

The Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

The Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

Whichever is the real number, those who do misfuel will experience inconvenience, frustration, delays and cost, which could be avoided if a misfuel prevention device was fitted to the vehicle