The misfuelling prevention device

Drivers delay dealing with dangers detailed by dashboards

“Oh, if only you’d told me, I could have got you one of those for very little money,” or “My mum had one of those to give away but took it to the tip as no one wanted it, what a pity you didn’t let me know”.  Surely, these and similar must rank among the most irritating ‘hindsight’  comments we ever hear?

However, a number of motorists who are alerted in advance to issues by warning lights on their dashboards ignore them.  Visit for more on this.

Misfuelling prevention device - no petrol in diesel

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

Mind you, they are not alone,  Some motorists have stickers on their vehicles to point out that it is a diesel or have audible warnings about it and manage to blank these and still pull into a fuel station and put petrol in diesel vehicle’s tank, misfuelling and risking high bills if they start the engine and putting the objective of their journey at risk.  In the same way as it is easy to respond to the dashboard warning lights, it is simple to tackle the problem of misfuelling – simply fit a misfuel prevention device and bring an end to the worry of petrol in diesel tank.