The misfuelling prevention device

Forgetfulness may fuel fines: the MIB – tracking down offenders

It’s not just the price of fuel, be it diesel or petrol, that is emptying the wallets of motorists. Some drivers are having to pay out when they don’t drive their vehicles. June 2011 saw new regulation whereby vehicle owners have to complete a SORN (statutory off-road notice) if their vehicle is uninsured to comply with continuous insurance enforcement. This is part of a drive to stop motorists driving without insurance.

It is estimated that every insurance premium includes about £30 towards uninsured driving. A fine of £100 was issued to each of over 120,000 vehicle owners for failure to complete a SORN or to insure the motor, equating to £12,000,000. These motorists, some of whom may simply have been unaware of the need to complete a SORN or forgotten about it, were identified by cooperation between insurers and the MIB – no, not the galaxy defenders from the films but the Motor Insurance Bureau. Visit for more information.