The misfuelling prevention device

Fuelling ideas that fleet managers may like

Petrol and diesel seem to go up in price quickly but fall more slowly – is that a trick of the mind or is it real? Whatever the answer, fuel is not cheap, whether it be for private, company or fleet cars.  If it is a fleet car or company vehicle, the driver may have to split mileage between personal and business and so this information may be helpful.

Grab the wrong nozzle and pump petrol in diesel tank

Don’t pump petrol in diesel vehicle’s tank.

Fleet managers and drivers of owned or leased company cars looking to keep costs under control may want to consider fitting a misfuel prevention device as the cost of misfuelling – petrol in diesel vehicles – is more than simply the cost of fuel – there are costs for draining the tank, re-fuelling and repairs to the diesel engine if the vehicle was started and driven.