The misfuelling prevention device

Ladies less likely to pump petrol in diesel

Men pump petrol in diesel cars more than women.

Why did I pump petrol in diesel tank?

Ladies misfuel – pump petrol in diesel cars – often than men.

It is also the case that until recently, women enjoyed cheaper car insurance premiums.

Apparently and surprisingly, however, a number of motorists worry if their partners want to drive their cars

Diesel Head misfuel device stops motorist error of petrol in diesel vehicle tanks

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device

It is claimed that around 150,000 incidents of motorists pumping petrol in diesel vehicles’ tanks occur per annum and some of these involve the same motorists making the error on more than one occasion.  Maybe rather than worrying about their partners driving their cars, chaps should ask the women in their lives to drive their diesel vehicles to the fuel stations and fill up for them.

Another solution may be that drivers of diesel vehicles should fit a misfuel prevention device to stop them pumping petrol in diesel motors’ tanks and then the figures could fall.