The misfuelling prevention device

I remember a tiger in the tank but not a bunny under the bonnet

I hope I am not alone in recalling the advertising slogan about having a tiger in the tank, be it petrol or diesel fuel.  However, in this instance a rabbit, usually fuelled by carrots and lettuces, decided that the best way to hop it would be via a mode of petrol or diesel powered transport .  The bunny bounded under a bonnet but … don’t worry, this tale does not turn out to be as “hare”-raising at it might. Visit for more.

The only way the tortoise would have stood a chance was if the driver had misfuelled – pumped the wrong fuel into the petrol or diesel tank. Having said that, two points come to mind – first, it was a hare not a rabbit that raced the tortoise and second, we believe it is only possible to pump petrol into a diesel car not diesel into a petrol car http: because of the diameter of the fuel nozzle.