The misfuelling prevention device

Invention solves petrol in diesel vehicle issue

Diesel Head Misfuel device stops motorist error of petrol in diesel vehicle tanks

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device

Petrol in diesel

Inventors generally develop a solution to a problem. A case in point is the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device, developed by Lee Steadman as a motoring invention to solve the very real problem of misfuelling, where motorists pump petrol in diesel vehicles’ tanks, causing engine issues which may be costly.

Reports suggest that this occurs around 150,000 times a year, so the invention and availability of the Diesel Head is a clear benefit to those who might otherwise misfuel.

Grab the wrong nozzle and pump petrol in a diesel tank

Don’t pump petrol in a diesel vehicle’s tank.

Misfuelling tends to occur when motorists are distracted and select the petrol rather than the diesel fuel nozzle.  Some inventions, however, appear to only exist with the objective of either amusement or to address a problem which may well not have truly concerned people.

Not sure what we mean? Click this link–Z1Sd9fYMbl to see some examples which may be regarded as amusing or bemusing.

Meanwhile, should you own, lease or hire a diesel vehicle, you may want to visit to ensure that the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device is right for your diesel motor.  The Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device – designed and engineered by a British inventor to solve the modern motoring problem of motorists pumping petrol in diesel tanks.