The misfuelling prevention device

It’s not the misfuel cost, it’s the consequence

It’s not the misfuel cost, it’s the consequence
Don't pump petrol in a diesel

Pumping petrol in diesel tank can be costly.

You may know a motorist who has misfuelled. It might even have been you. It could have happened more than once.  We at Diesel Head have come across people who say that it costs £300 to have the car towed, flushed and re-fuelled, with diesel.  Some say that they have filled up with petrol on the motorway only to blow their engines shortly afterwards, when the petrol has worked its way to the engine.

Irrespective of how many times misfuelling has occurred, we believe that the most common reason for motorists to pump petrol in a diesel tank is that they are distracted. Their minds may be dwelling upon the motivation behind filling up the tank – the important trip, meeting, picking up their nearest and dearest, etc. Mistake! Motorists should not allow their concentration to meander and petrol to pour in diesel tank, jeopardising what they had committed to – the consequence.

Say “goodbye” to petrol in a diesel tank

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device solves issue of petrol in diesel tank

The Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

The solution is the Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device.  This motoring gadget was designed and engineered by British inventor Lee Steadman.  It has been reviewed by Auto Express and respected motoring pundit Quentin Willson among others and they all give it the “thumbs up”.

Visit check the drop-down menu to see if your vehicle is among the many that benefits from the protection offered by the Diesel Head.  Then, purchase this driving gadget and, once the Diesel Head is fitted to your vehicle, you can say “goodbye” to the prospect of pumping petrol in your diesel vehicle’s tank.