The misfuelling prevention device

It’s not that you misfuelled with £80 of petrol

It’s not that you misfuelled with £80 of petrol

It’s being stranded at a fuel station miles from home.

It’s not very often that I get to visit my Mum; she lives such a long way from me. Still, we had made the most of our day out, lunch in the bistro, a walk along the seafront. If only we hadn’t got back on to the topic of her moving in with me. She expects me to live near her but then I’d have to give up the job that I love. I really wish we hadn’t parted on an argument. Right, watch the money on the fuel pump, £79.97, £79.98, £79.99, £80.00 exactly. I’ll pay the money, pull up at the nearest pub and phone Mum up. Oh no, I’ve fuelled with unleaded petrol in instead of diesel. I’ve read about people doing this, misfuelling I believe is the technical term, but never thought I would do it myself. I won’t get home for hours now and I’ve got an early start in the morning.

I can’t talk to Mum feeling like this. I know what she’s like. She’ll blame herself for me filling up with petrol rather than diesel and I’ll put her right and we may argue all over again. Thing is, I didn’t renew my membership of the recovery service, so it’s going to cost a fortune to sort this out and I’m feeling drained. I was only telling Mum over lunch how many miles I get to the gallon in my diesel car, really pleased with myself about it. How clever I was when it came to take out a new lease that I switched to diesel from petrol as a way of economising. Some saving I’m going to make now, not!

Oh, no, there goes the phone and it’s Mum. Hello. Yes, sorry about the argument. Where am I? Well, stuck really, at a fuel station, yes, the one by the big roundabout before the motorway. Look, sorry again, but I need to phone and organise the rescue service so that they can tow me home or do something with the fuel tank. Yes, it’ll be expensive, but what else can I do? I’ve misfuelled. Mum, I said misfuelled. It means that I put the wrong fuel in my car. I should have filled up with diesel but I put petrol in by mistake. Honestly, never mind why, I really don’t know what made me misfuel. I don’t know what time the recovery people will be here because I haven’t phoned them yet. Sorry? Yes, I remember that neighbour of yours, the one with the big caravan. No, don’t ask him, honestly don’t wake him at this time of night. Alright, I know your good friends but, oh right you’ve rung his doorbell. Yes, I’ll hang on. Right, thanks, I’ll look out for his big four wheel drive diesel, er thanks Mum, love you, I’ll phone you when I’m home. By the way, what’s your neighbour’s name? Mum? Hello?