The misfuelling prevention device

It’s not the car breaking down because you misfuelled

It’s not the car breaking down because you misfuelled

It’s missing your son’s final cup match at school.

I had been so busy telling my workmates that my son was playing centre forward in the inter-school cup final that I had lost track of time. I had always wanted to be a football player when I was a schoolboy and my Dad used to drive me to school football matches at weekends and, occasionally, in the week. I had also played in a cup final for the school and we won but, unfortunately, I broke my leg in a tackle. The doctors and nurses put me back together but I lost that extra turn of speed that can make all the difference and so my dreams of being a professional were dashed.

My son is showing great promise as a striker and a number of scouts have been keeping an eye on him. I am sure one or two may turn out to watch him perform in the school match today and I really must be there too. I switch off my PC and run to the car, start the engine and realise I was low on diesel. Just what I needed; luckily, the fuel station is on the way. All the fuel pumps are occupied, however, and people are shopping inside, leaving the pumps occupied. At last, a fuel pump is available and, just as I am about to start filling up, my wife phones to find out where I am. I explain the situation as I fill up my tank and join the queue to pay.

What, I put unleaded petrol in my car by mistake instead of diesel? I misfuelled? I am advised by the manager of the fuel station to call out a rescue service as I can’t turn the engine on and drive the car to the school as I will do damage to the engine. Worse still, I’ll never make it now to see my son play in the cup final and neither he nor my wife will ever forgive me. I can’t blame them. I hope he scores and his team wins. I also hope the football scouts keep out of the way and don’t start talking to my son and wife as I need to be there for that sort of conversation. What if they want to sign my son up because he is a future star? What a time to misfuel! Petrol not diesel. Am I colour blind? How did I take out the green pipeline and fill up my tank with unleaded petrol when I should have taken out the black unit and filled my tank with diesel? I can’t believe that I have made my car break down. What a fool!

Oh no, there goes the phone again – it’s the wife! Look, I’m not there because I am still here at the fuel station. I misfuelled. That means that instead of filling up with diesel as it’s a diesel car, I fuelled it with unleaded petrol. I don’t know how I did it. Actually, yes I do know, you distracted me by phoning when I was at the fuel pump. No, I can’t get to the school because the car is broken down and I have to wait for a recovery service to tow the car to some place where they will drain the petrol from my tank and clean it out. No, I don’t know how long that will take and, no, I can’t abandon the car. What’s that noise, that cheering? Has our son scored? He has scored! What is the score? Are you there? Hello? Hey, taxi, quick can you take me to the local school? There’s a cup final.