The misfuelling prevention device

It’s not worrying about the petrol in your diesel tank

It’s not worrying about the petrol in your diesel tank

It’s your daughter waiting for you at the station!

You were delighted that your daughter was coming to visit you for the weekend and that she was catching the train rather than expecting you to drive and pick her up from university. In the two years that she has been there she really has become much more grown up and sensible. You asked her Dad to vaccuum her bedroom and put clean sheets on her bed and you went out last night to the supermarket and bought her favourite cake and wine.

This morning you were up early and checked that her room had been dealt with to an acceptable standard. It was only after you had checked on your smartphone that her train was on time that you remembered that you needed to put fuel in the car. Why hadn’t you filled up with diesel while you were at the supermarket last night? You have to drive past the fuel station to exit the supermarket. for goodness sake!

Thankfully there is a fuel station on the way to pick Emily up. Here we go. Oh no, why is the fuel station always busy when you turn up and some of the drivers have parked so badly they are blocking access to the fuel pumps. If you are really careful you may be able to squeeze in to pump seven, without bumping, watch the wing mirrors. Out of the car and round to the fuel pump.

Great, your smartphone’s ringing. You stretch through the window to get it from your handbag which is on the passenger seat. You really shouldn’t leave it there but it’s so convenient. Right, you can fill up with diesel while talking – multi-tasking is easy if you’re a woman. Is it safe to do that? Nothing will happen to you. It’s your friend Louise who is also godmother to Emily. Yes of course she can call around tomorrow for a coffee and chat. Your husband will be out of the way, playing golf. Look forward to it.

What is that couple shouting at you? Misfuel? What does that mean? You have put petrol in your diesel tank? You must have picked the petrol pump instead of the diesel pump while talking on the smartphone and filled with the wrong fuel. Lucky you didn’t put much in, should be alright. It won’t? You thought that some petrol in a diesel car did not do any harm. Yes, it’s a newish car. You’re joking, such a small amount of petrol will cause that much damage if the engine is started?

Go and check with the staff inside the fuel station. The couple at pump three say that putting petrol in a diesel car is dangerous and can damage the engine. They’re right! So what’s to be done. Yes, you are a member of a rescue and recovery organisation. Call them and say you need your diesel tank drained of petrol. Phone in a minute. First things first. Can’t leave your daughter waiting for you at the station. Put the smartphone to good use and phone your friend Louise back and ask her to pick your daughter up from the railway station. Then phone the rescue people and ask them to come and drain the petrol that’s in your diesel tank.

Diesel Head - the device to prevent misfuelling

Wonder if you can put diesel in a petrol tank? Really? The nozzle of a diesel fuel pump is too big to fit in the inlet of a petrol tank. That’s sensible. Why can’t they make the petrol pump nozzle a size that won’t go into a diesel car? Misfuel, that’s a word I won’t forget in a hurry and a mistake I won’t make again. Eh, some people misfuel more than once? Someone really ought to do something about that and come up with a sort of misfuelling prevention device. Dear me, what a day, hopefully the rest of the weekend will be better.