The misfuelling prevention device

It’s not waiting for a tow truck because you filled up your diesel car with petrol

It’s not waiting for a tow truck because you filled up your diesel car with petrol

It’s spoiling your best friend’s surprise birthday party.

We’ve been friends since primary school and grew up together – sleepovers when we were younger, going to the same bars and clubs, and dating men who are very similar. Today is an important day. It’s her 39th birthday and the girls and I have organised a surprise birthday party. Her husband is driving her to the hotel for what she thinks is a quiet lunch. When she arrives, however, she will see us, banners, party poppers and a cake. Well, actually, she won’t because I’ve got the cake in my car, and my car has broken down.

My fault – I should have wrapped the cake and put it in the boot but I was worried it would slide about, so I placed it on the back seat for safety. I was about to fill up with fuel when I noticed that the cake was looking a the worse for wear because of the heat. I was thinking of putting it in the boot when a lady queuing behind me for the pump honked her horn to make me hurry up. I grabbed the fuel pump, filled up, popped the cake in the boot and paid for the fuel. I started the car up and was pulling off the station forecourt when the car juddered and stopped.

An attendant came over to have a look, asked to see my receipt and there it was, in black and white. Petrol, £46. Petrol! My car is a 1.6 litre diesel. It now has petrol in my diesel fuel tank. The attendant says I have misfuelled. She says I should not have started the car. She says apparently I have made it worse by driving. Hindsight – I did not know that I had put petrol in, did I? Thank goodness I joined a breakdown recovery scheme. They’re on their way but say they can’t fix it. They can take me somewhere that it can be sorted out though.

Meanwhile my friend will turn up for a surprise birthday party and the surprise will be the lack of cake. Blow the candles out and make a wish. She wishes she had a cake with candles. She wishes she had a cake. I can hear my ‘friends’ running me down already. Mind you, anyone could have done it, misfuel. It was a mistake, that misfuel. And if that woman honks her horn at me just one more time to encourage me move my car so that she can exit the fuel station, she’ll find that she’s made a mistake.