The misfuelling prevention device

Misfuels and misfuelling cost motorists £millions

MisfuellingMotorists are wasting millions of pounds due to misfuelling – pumping petrol in diesel motors – according to recent news.  The staggering figure is in excess of £60m, taking in the cost of the wrong fuel that has to be flushed out, recovery, any work that has to be performed to correct any damage to the vehicle, the cost of components and finally, re-fuelling the vehicle.

Lee Steadman, inventor of the Diesel Head misfuel prevention device, recognised some years ago that misfuelling was a potentially huge and expensive problem and so developed and engineered the Diesel Head cast-metal solution that prevents motorists pumping petrol into the tanks of diesel vehicles.

The Dieselhead Misfuelling Prevention Device

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

Motorists should seriously weigh up the options – £39.99 plus postage for this British-design misfuel prevention device or risk what can add up to be an expensive mistake and that’s without taking account of the cost of inconvenience, missed appointments and so on.