The misfuelling prevention device

Motorists fail to fuel up and so break down

A survey of 2,000 drivers by a motoring organisation revealed that a number of drivers are putting themselves and other motorists at risk by driving while the vehicle fuel gauge alerts them to there being no diesel or petrol in the tank. 13% of respondents held their hands up to driving on ’empty’ in the last three months, running the risk of breaking down and turning their vehicles into obstacles that other drivers would have to avoid; 4% have run completely out of diesel or petrol and broken down in the last year. Visit–running-on-empty–13406.html for more.

Misfuelling prevention device - no petrol in diesel

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device.

Continuing the theme of fuel and breakdowns, according to statistics over 150,000 vehicles are misfuelled each year.  Distractions and hectic schedules or being on autopilot are suspected of being at the root of the petrol in diesel issue but an easy-to-fit gadget offers a robust solution.  The Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device, the brainchild of British engineer Lee Steadman, acts as the gatekeeper of a vehicle’s fuel inlet pipe, preventing an unleaded fuel pipe nozzle accessing the tank.  Like so many good inventions, the concept is simple yet effective. Visit for more information.