The misfuelling prevention device

Motorists ought not to sniff at this advice

Motorists who suffer from hayfever are being advised to read the paperwork and check if their medication may impair their driving in anyway. Some accidents might be fueled by drugs – prescription, over the counter or other – and it is up to the person taking medication to be aware of side-effects, such as drowsiness. Visit for more information.

Don't pump petrol in diesel

Pumping petrol in diesel tank can be costly.

Motorists seeking trouble-free driving should also be alert to the growing incidence of misfuelling – where motorist fails to pay attention at the fuel station and pumps petrol in diesel tank.  Best to avoid a misfuel altogether, by fitting a misfuel prevention device  If you don’t have such a gadget fitted to the fuel inlet pipe of your diesel car at least check the paperwork – receipt – before starting the engine because petrol can cause damage to a diesel, leading to costly repairs.