The misfuelling prevention device

Our predictions for 2013? Misfuelling may be costly.

A well-known motoring pundit has given his predictions regarding some issues that motorists might expect to come across during 2013.   The topic of misfuels and misfuelling, whether the incidence will increase or which gender will be the more responsible for the act do not feature, so maybe we can help.

MisfuellingWe can predict that misfuelling will continue to be costly – the cost of petrol purchased and pumped into the diesel tank, the price of having the tank flushed out, the bill for any repairs if the car, van or truck was driven with petrol in the diesel tank and the hire of another vehicle if needed, not to mention the cost of inconvenience – motorists fill up with fuel because they are (or were) going somewhere.

The Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

The Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

Our advice is “Be prepared” as someone once said.  Fit a misfuelling prevention device and say “No” to petrol in diesel.  The standard Diesel Head is £39.99 plus post and packing – a small sum when compared with some of the costs considered above.  If you own a diesel vehicle and haven’t made a resolution yet, maybe it should be to avoid misfuels – visit and for more information.