The misfuelling prevention device

Pass the spanner – what’s that look like then?

It seems that a large proportion of motorists don’t know how to perform the simple maintenance routine that should happen most weeks according to recent findings of a survey.  90% of motorists who responded were unable to identify the items that make up a car tool kit, such as a wrench, while a small percentage did not know how to open the bonnet of their vehicle.

Cars have become more sophisticated over the years and it seems that the electronic gizmos that run our motors worry drivers and put them off doing jobs that our parents would have happily performed every weekend, like checking fluid levels, tyre pressures and so on. More on this story can be found by clicking on

Grab the wrong nozzle and pump petrol in diesel tank

Don’t pump petrol in diesel vehicle’s tank.

Diesel engines have become more sophisticated and are not as noisy as they once were and this may be one of the reasons that so many motorists misfuel – pump petrol in diesel car’s tank.  Distraction is another reason, not concentrating when driving into the fuel station and grabbing  the wrong nozzle and filling up, only to realise the error later, by which time it may have become a costly mistake.

And this is unlikely to be a DIY repair.  Flushing the petrol in diesel tanks is a professional recovery process and if the diesel engine has been started there could be damage to the components. Add on the cost of filling up with diesel and it all mounts up.

Misfuelling prevention device - no petrol in diesel

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

Engaging in regular maintenance routines is a cheap solution and doesn’t involve having to sign up to evening classes.  Purchasing a misfuel prevention device such as the Diesel Head is also a cheap and effective means of avoiding the risk of pumping petrol in diesel cars.