The misfuelling prevention device

Petrol and diesel retailers warned to come clean about fuel prices

The Government has given fuel retailers a window in which to introduce regulation so that consumers can check the price of petrol and diesel on a daily basis. Failure to act could see the government introduce legislation against a backdrop of motorists suffering from rocketing prices when oil goes up but not enjoying equally rapid reductions as the price of oil falls. Visit for more information.

Even if price of petrol and diesel fall to levels that motorists are happy with, the cost of misfuelling can still leave drivers down in the mouth.  Pumping petrol in diesel – a misfuel – can leave a motorist faced with the price of flushing out petrol from the diesel tank and then paying for new diesel to fill up.

No fear of petrol in diesel tank

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device stops motorist pumping petrol in diesel tank

Worse still is the situation where the motorist has pumped petrol in diesel tank and started the engine and driven off from the fuel station only to suffer engine problems and damage further down the road.  The motorist not only has to pay for the petrol to be flushed from the diesel tank but also for repairs to the engine and then filling up with diesel.

There are insurance policies that cover the headache of a misfuel but they don’t address the inconvenience of an interrupted journey and the car being off the road while repairs to the engine are carried out.  Prevention is better than cure so why not investigate if your car is among the many that the Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device will fit and then purchase, fit and forget the fear of petrol in diesel.