The misfuelling prevention device

Proud to join club of “Great British Inventors” with Misfuel Prevention Device

Inventor of the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device that stops petrol in diesel

Lee Steadman.

It made me proud to be member of the group or club that I refer to as “Great British Inventors”, when I read these two articles and which tell the tale of Sir Torquil Norman and Joel Jackson, who have come up with vehicles suited to what is referred to as “the developing world”.

Well done to both of you and I hope you secure any and all funding and support that you may require.  Well done also to those members of the media who reported on this – positive stories about people with positive, “can-do” attitudes.

Misfuel prevention device - no petrol in diesel

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

The Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device or Misfuel Prevention Device is one invention of many that familymembers and I have come up with over the years.  Again, the driving force behind it was to solve the growing problem of motorists pumping petrol in diesel vehicles and I am proud to have been able to bring it to market.

My message to anyone out there who has an idea is to not put it on a “do later pile” but, having come up with a concept (sometimes the hardest part), see it through to fruition and join the club.  Meanwhile, my message to motorists is to put a stop to petrol in diesel and fit a misfuel prevention device.