The misfuelling prevention device

Stonehenge fuels accidents – spooky?

While speculation abounds as to the reason why our ancestors designed and built Stonehenge, a well-known motor insurance organisation has identified that it is the landmark at which motorists have the most mishaps.

The motoring insurance company’s survey revealed that 34% of the 2,000 motorists in GB who responded to the questions have had a bump or nearly pranged their vehicles while driving pasta monument or attractive vista.

Stonehenge has distracted 26% of respondents, half of whom had or almost had an accident, while 18% took their eyes off the road to gawp at the Angel of the North.  The survey features a top ten locations that have fuelled distractions, a proportion of which have resulted in accidents, worth an average of £413.56 each. Visit for more details.

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device - no petrol in diesel car

Diesel Head with original & new fixing kits

Distractions are behind most of the annual 150,000 misfuels – incidents where motorists mistakenly pump petrol in diesel car tanks.  The Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device is the answer in many instances.  £39.99 + P&P cheaper than filling the tank with petrol, calling out a fuel-flushing service and re-filling with diesel or, worse still, having to fund repairs to any damage and possibly paying for a hire car in the interim.