The misfuelling prevention device

Stop petrol in diesel and other tips for motorists

We motorists know that fuel – be it petrol or diesel – is not inexpensive.  Therefore, any tips on how to save money are welcomed although one obvious way to not waste money is to avoid pumping petrol in diesel vehicle tanks, known as a misfuel.

Misfuel prevention device - no petrol in diesel

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

Some vehicles have devices installed by the manufacturers to stop motorists putting petrol in diesel tanks but many do not. Visit and see if the Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device will fit the fuel inlet pipe of your vehicle.

At £39.99 plus postage for the standard Diesel Head or £44.99 plus postage for the locking version, purchasing a device is much cheaper than a misfuel. It also ensures that motorists do not have the inconvenience of waiting to have petrol flushed from their diesel fuel tanks and then purchasing the correct fuel before continuing the journey.  This assumes that the motorist has not started the engine allowing the petrol in diesel tank to flow through into the engine, causing potentially extensive and costly damage.  Prevention really is better than cure so fit a device that eliminates the risk of pumping petrol in diesel tanks.