The misfuelling prevention device

Supermarket reduces price of fuel – diesel and petrol – at the pumps

Misfuel prevention device says no to petrol in diesel

Don’t misfuel – put petrol in a diesel vehicle’s tank.

The price of fuel – diesel and petrol – set to be cut by up to 2p per litre by one of the big supermarkets from today. A leading motoring organisation reported that there has been a drop of 10p per litre in the wholesale price of petrol across Europe since the middle of last month. Other supermarkets are expected to reduce the price of their fuel too. Visit to see more.

Motorists should still remain vigilant when filling up with fuel as the fall in the price of petrol and diesel will not be of much comfort in the event of misfuelling – accidentally pumping petrol in a diesel vehicle. The best idea would be to fit a Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device and eradicate the chance of misfuelling.