The misfuelling prevention device

The colour of your car could fuel desire to buy and residuals

Looking to buy a car with an eye for its re-sale value in few years? A study of several thousand cars over five years has found that white is the colour to pick,  while blue, maroon and green could lose the buyer money.  Visit for more information.

Misfuel prevention device says no to petrol in dieselColours play their part at the fuel station too, where drivers of diesel vehicles need to remember to select the black diesel nozzle and not the green unleaded petrol line.  The Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device was developed to save motorists money, by stopping them mistakenly pumping petrol in diesel vehicles thereby wasting fuel and potentially damaging their engines.  If you purchase a misfuelling prevention device for your diesel motor, you could leave it in place when you come to sell, thus letting prospective purchasers that you are a careful owner or you could remove it with a view to fitting it to your next diesel vehicle to keep you safe from the spectre of petrol in diesel.