The misfuelling prevention device

The Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device

The problem of misfuelling has been with us for years. The popularity of diesel cars and the fact that more homes these days seem to have both a petrol and a diesel on the drive means that the potential for misfuelling – pumping petrol into the tank of a diesel car – is on the increase.

British engineer, Lee Steadman, realised that here was a problem that not only needed to be fixed but that would need a solution which was fit for purpose, totally reliable, easy to fit and easy to use. The environment around the fuel filler pipe is hostile, being covered in flammable liquids, exposed to the extremes of hot and cold weather and regularly hit with a large steel tube! The materials used in this device therefore have to be of the highest quality, designed to be capable of withstanding those extreme temperatures, impact and the dirty, oily, sometimes corrosive environment where this device is expected to do its job.

It took two years from Lee’s ‘eureka’ moment, to design, model, test and manufacture prototypes of his solution to the problem of misfuelling, where motorists confuse the petrol and diesel nozzles and pump petrol into the diesel tank. The Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device is now available and meets the stringent demands of both environment and consumers.

Once it is fitted to your vehicle you will never misfuel – pump petrol in diesel – again. Welcome to the Diesel Head – the misfuelling prevention device.