The misfuelling prevention device

The Great Misfuel or Misfuelling Debate

The Great Misfuel or Misfuelling Debate

How many misfuel – petrol in diesel – incidents occur in the UK each and every day?  Are we talking about a full tank or just a few litres of petrol per misfuel? It really doesn’t matter how much fuel is pumped in. The vehicle manufacturers are now all agreed that even a partial misfuel can damage your engine, invalidate your warranty and result in a situation that may take months to resolve, if ever!

Should you have misfuelled already, accidentally putting even just a small amount of petrol in your diesel (which may be why you are visiting this site), you will be relieved to learn that you are not alone! We can only estimate how many people each day make the simple but devastating error of putting petrol in a diesel vehicle’s tank but, with the number of diesel cars on the road, current estimates range from 1,000 to 1,500 misfuelling incidents per day. That’s more than 1 misfuel every 5 minutes and the number is not going to drop in the short term. Whatever the definitive number of misfuels may be, it’s certainly enough to persuade The AA to form its own misfuel solution company, AA Fuel Assist and its branded low-loaders are now a familiar sight on our roads.

You might not have misfuelled, of course, but you may well know someone who has had “The Experience”. That’s the moment a trickle of cold sweat runs down your back as you look at the filler cap, fuel nozzle in hand and realisation strikes or, even worse, you look at the steering wheel as you hit 70mph on the motorway and know that you are about to suffer large expense and, more importantly, inconvenience at the time you can probably least afford it because you have petrol in your diesel.

It is a sad fact of life that, often, those journeys where you are under pressure and distracted are exactly the times misfuels will occur – for example, thinking about a trip to the airport or an important meeting could be the small distraction that allows the misfuel to occur.

Alternatively, you may be supposed to collect your wife or husband from hospital or your child from the school gates. Whatever the scenario, behind every misfuel there is normally a story, a simple explanation behind you just taking your eye off the ball and inadvertently put that green petrol nozzle in the filler neck of your diesel tank instead of the black or yellow diesel nozzle.

If only you had a misfuel prevention device fitted that would eradicate the possibility of this incident occurring and consuming hours of time and emptying your bank account at the same time, not to mention the tears of frustration, worry and the blood pressure going through the roof!  We are aware of a number of insurance policies that have been introduced to help motorists address the costs associated with misfuelling and we recognise the attraction of such policies.  Nonetheless, we remain wedded to the prevention rather than cure school of thought. Yes, keeping up to date with the premiums may help to reduce the pain of the bill for flushing out or repairing the diesel vehicle’s engine but the policy does not address the inconvenience of being off the road for however long.

The joys of the English language. Is it misfuel or missfuel? Or misfuelling or missfuelling? Misfueling or missfueling? Misfuelled, misfueled, missfuelled or missfueled?  We debated the issue of spelling for some time, and we decided that misfuel, misfuelling and misfuelled were our preferred choices.  However, that does not mean to say that others would enter the phrases into search engines with our preferred spelling.  Furthermore, some may enter phrases such as “petrol in diesel” in a bid to find a solution and not use the term misfuel at all. It’s so difficult to second guess. What we do know, however, is that the best option is for a driver simply to not put petrol in a diesel vehicle and so, no matter how you choose to spell the word, if you own a diesel car or other vehicle fit a Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device  so that you never have to think about the topic again.  Visit to check yours is one of the majority of vehicle marques and models for which the Diesel Head is appropriate and buy and

Interestingly, as an aside, some people appear concerned that they might pump diesel into a petrol vehicle tank. We think it is unlikely that such a misfuel may occur, given that the diameter of a diesel pump nozzle is too wide to effectively access the petrol vehicle’s filler neck and so pump diesel fuel into the petrol tank.