The misfuelling prevention device

Beware the spectre of petrol in a diesel car

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the fabulous Bond films and hearing the immortal lines, “The name’s Bond, James Bond”?  In addition to watching the hero, audiences also enjoy seeing the other stars – the cars and the gadgets.

Misfuelling prevention device - no petrol in diesel

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device.

The line-up of vehicles in the films consists of petrol motors but there are diesel variants for a number of the models, although not the Aston Martin DB5 nor the DB10

That doesn’t stop us dreaming of the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the many fabulous motors from the famous agent’s movies.  But beware – there you are ready to head to the cinema for a screening of a Bond film, imagining yourself at the wheel of an exotic machine in an equally exotic location when, at the fuel station, you pump petrol in a diesel car.  Misfuel misery awaits.  The fuel tank will need to be flushed out. If you haven’t fired up the motor then you will just have to fill up again, this time with diesel.  If you have turned the ignition, however, you could end up with a bill for engine repairs.  Either way you face the prospect of missing the screening.

So, while Mr Bond enjoys himself in the casino, why take a gamble with your car? “The name’s Head, Diesel Head” may not have the same ring to it, but fit a misfuel or misfuelling prevention device and you ensure that never again will you be at risk of the spectre of petrol in a diesel car.