The misfuelling prevention device

TOWIE cast member & model misfuels petrol in diesel Mercedes

Chloe Sims, model and star of reality TV show TOWIE The Only Way is Essex,  misfuelled her E-Class Mercedes Benz, pumping £60 of unleaded petrol in diesel Mercedes convertible’s tank. According to the story in the media Chloe then started the car and drove off with her passengers, including TOWIE fellow cast member Lauren Pope. She may have been better off not starting her car’s engine

Chloe Sims is not alone in mistakenly filling her diesel car with unleaded petrol, an act known as a misfuel.  According to a Good Garage Scheme survey over half of the respondents had pumped the wrong fuel into their vehicles or knew someone who had misfueled.  It is reckoned that around 150,000 people are misfuelling each year and the cost can vary depending upon automotive marque and model.  Our sympathy goes out to Chloe and anyone else who is unfortunate enough to misfuel.

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device - no petrol in diesel car

Diesel Head with original & new fixing kits

Our advice, of course is to consider purchasing a Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device. Visit see if your vehicle is one of the many on the list.  Lee Steadman, the inventor of the Diesel Head, recently developed a fixing kit so that motorists who own, hire, rent or lease a diesel Mercedes can readily install his misfuelling prevention device and cease to worry about the danger of putting petrol in diesel Mercedes vehicle’s tank.