The misfuelling prevention device

Want to save 20p per litre of petrol or diesel?

The Energy Saving Trust has come up with a fun way – Fuel Your Passion – to show what motorists could buy with the money saved if the drove with an eye to conserving fuel.  The Trust reckons that England’s drivers are squandering over £6 billion per annum due to uneconomical driving and, based on a yearly mileage of 8,400, drivers could save around £270 during the year or £0.20 per litre of petrol or diesel.  Visit and pick your passion to see possible savings.

Grab the wrong nozzle and pump petrol in diesel tank

Don’t pump petrol in diesel vehicle’s tank.

The Diesel Head  Misfuelling Prevention Device is designed to save motorists money by preventing them buying and pumping the petrol in diesel vehicles’ tanks.  Click on see if your vehicle is one of the many that the Diesel Head will fit to stop you misfuelling.