The misfuelling prevention device

What price, competition? Review of petrol and diesel fuel pricing.

A watchdog is to review the price of petrol and diesel and determine if competition is being stifled by some players.  The review is expected to take around six weeks with findings to be published this coming January.

According to media coverage, the price paid by motorists for petrol increased from June 2007  to June 2012 by 38%, while motorists were faced by an increase in the price of diesel of 43% during that time-frame too.

Figures released highlighted that yesterday the average cost of a litre of diesel was 143.52 pence while motorists forked out 138.99 pence for a litre of unleaded.   Drivers won’t want to waste money by misfuelling – pumping petrol into their diesel vehicles – and so should visit to see if their motor is among the multitude of marques that the Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device has been designed to protect. Visit for more on this story.