The misfuelling prevention device

Who is the patron saint of misfuels?

Is there a patron saint of motorists and, if so, who is it?  We used to think it was Saint Christopher on the grounds that he was the patron saint of travellers and motorists travel, which seems logical.

However, we recently came across information that St Christopher was demoted as part of Vatican II , so who should fill the vacancy? Apparently, this has fuelled some debate and a number of candidates with some sort of automotive links appear on a short-list compiled by a chap who is a bit of an expert.

Among the contenders he nominates are, in no particular order:

  • Saint Catherine of Alexandria – the patron saint of mechanics, who was tortured on a breaking wheel , giving rise to the Catherine Wheel firework
  • Saint Richard – apparently the patron saint of cab drivers and NASCAR
  • Elijah the Prophet – considered to be the patron saint of car drivers and vehicles on the grounds that he went to heaven on a flaming chariot
Grab the wrong nozzle and pump petrol in diesel tank

Don’t pump petrol in diesel vehicle’s tank.

A saint who does not appear on the list is St Patrick, but maybe he should be considered as, according to internet sources he is referred to in Hamlet as the patron saint of mistakes and confusion – accidents in other words?   Insurance companies may go along with this, but maybe he should also be the patron saint of misfuelling, as motorists tend to misfuel – put petrol in diesel tanks – when they are distracted at the fuel station pumps.  Who would you nominate?

Motorists, however, may prefer to do more than simply rely on divine intervention.  A logical course of action would be to investigate the availability and effectiveness of misfuel or misfuelling prevention devices.

Misfuelling prevention device - no petrol in diesel

Diesel Head Misfuelling Prevention Device

Diesel Head offers a standards and a locking version designed and engineered from cast metal to prevent the pumping of petrol in diesel vehicles’ tanks.  You would expect us to claim that they are robust and fit for purpose, so why not see what acclaimed motoring pundit has to say about the Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device