The misfuelling prevention device


We all fondly remember the car belonging to the family from Bedrock, even though most of us prefer to drive vehicles fuelled by petrol or diesel with other modern devices and comforts.  One motorist decided that he wanted the best of both – the look of the ‘stone-age-mobile’ with either a petrol or diesel engine.

However, the authorities quashed his ambitions to take the vehicle on the road. Visit to learn more.

The Bedrock family didn’t have to worry about changing tyres, checking the oil or brake pads nor misfuelling – the bane of modern day motoring, fuelled by the rise in the number of households that have both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Diesel Head misfuel device stops motorist error of petrol in diesel vehicle tanks

Diesel Head Misfuel Prevention Device

There is a number of inventions designed to prevent motorists mistakenly pumping petrol in diesel tanks but the incidents of misfuelling continue, with some drivers admitting to doing it more than once. We clearly wouldn’t recommend stripping your motor down to the bedrock (pun intended) but we do recommend fitting a misfuel prevention device.